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Standard Maintenance & Support Services

We strongly believe that customer support services is also part of the customer relationship and we will try to improve it every year to provide our customer with the very best support they can have and as realiable as possible. Of course all the best thing does have some cost implication but you can be sure that we will provide our best support with your investment in this matter.

Support and maintenance are carried out on a yearly basis through a maintenance contract either sign between yourself and us. The maintenance fee are to provide the manpower for the support tasks such as maintenance of the software, routine visit to customers (Klang valley only) and preventive maintenance for the software

We provide 24 hours support via the following medium:-

Our support services staff mobile phone for easy contact and everywhere support.
Customer can also email their comments, issues, bugs reporting to our support email address at
Using our web service i.e. Software Wizard’s WebSupport . Registered customer can log on to our customer service website and make a reports, complaints, praise, comments, download latest software and report bugs from this site. Our support site is at
We provide an additional customer service visit for all our customers from time to time just to ensure that everyone known that we are still there for them.
We can also provide our customer with a realtime and online support by utilising currect technology software which enable us to troubleshoot customer problems from a remote site via the Internet.

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