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Our ERP solutions are Modular, Flexible, Customizable, Secured & Incredibly Robust. Manage & Simplify your critical operations with ease, speed and complete peace of mind.

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Applications Development

As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world's growing technological needs, Software Wizards constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

We are strong believers that the software you use for your business should be designed around how your business operates, not the other way around. We custom design the business logic of the software and database, based on your business. You won't have to adjust your business's processes to our software; we will custom code the software to fit your businesses efficiencies.

Responsive Web Portal Development

Make your website react well in handheld devices:

As websites are visited through new media devices such as mobile, tablet devices, and even viewed in HD TV, it is necessary to develop the websites in such a way that it is displayed correctly in all the devices where it is visited. Designing a website in such a way that it is responded well in any device it is being viewed is called responsive website designing. Any website that doesn’t show up well in mobiles and other emerging display devices will ultimately end up in loss of business, so it is vital to think beyond optimizing your website for regular browsers and display units.

Much is being talked about responsive web design these days. Thanks to the arrival of mobile and handheld devices, many websites are visited through a number of diverse display platforms - each has its own display mechanism, dimensions, operating system and of course web browser. It is definitely not viable to develop several versions of your website to ensure the website in concern show up nicely in every device.

Advantage of responsive web design:

Going for responsive web design enable your website get adjusted based on the device and screen resolution used by the visitor.

Also responsive websites avoid content duplication by keeping a single copy of your website over internet and that helps greatly to maintain a SEO friendly website resulting in improved positions for business centric key phrases.

If you have plans to design a new responsive website or going for revamping existing website into a responsive one, please keep in touch with us.


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